Torx® Impact Insert Bits

IRWIN Torx® Impact Insert Bits

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Torx® Impact Insert Bits Features:

While some screwdriving bits are simply compatible with impact drills and drivers, IRWIN® Impact Performance Series™ fastener drive bits are engineered for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers. These bits are designed with precision tip geometry so they fit fasteners more precisely, which reduces stripping and cam-out. Manufactured with heavy-duty, cold-forged, high-grade steel, they’ll withstand extremely high torque output. Plus, a black oxide finish resists corrosion and increases the life of the bit.
    delivers superior fitment, reducing stripping and cam-out
    to withstand high torque output
    designed for compatibility with IRWIN® Impact Performance Series™ Magnetic Screw-Hold Attachment

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Item #DescriptionEAN
1923326Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T10 25mm - 2pcs5706919233267
1923328Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T15 25mm - 2pcs5706919233281
1923330Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T20 25mm - 2pcs5706919233304
1923333Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T25 25mm - 2pcs5706919233335
1923335Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T27 25mm - 2pcs5706919233359
1923337Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T30 25mm - 2pcs5706919233373
1923340Impact Single-Ended Insert Bit - T40 25mm - 2pcs5706919233403