Replacement Lines

IRWIN STRAIT-LINE Replacement Lines

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Replacement Lines Features:

  • Hi-Tensile:
    30m (100') Hi-Tensile Replacement Line is 2.5X stronger than traditional chalk reels for fewer breaks.  This durable replacement line is optimized for use on rough, abrasive surfaces. Includes a wide-pronged hook for secure anchoring.
  • Normal Duty:
    15m (50’) and 30m (100’) lines made of abrasion resistant polyester and provide up to six strikes per pull. Includes a hook.

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Item #DescriptionLine Length
193289215m (50') Polyester Replacement Line15m (50')
193289330m (100') Polyester Replacement Line30m (100')
193289430m (100') Hi-Tensile Replacement Line30m (100')