Glass and Tile Drill Bits

IRWIN Glass and Tile Drill Bits

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Glass and Tile Drill Bits Features:

  • Drill with low RPM (300 RPM recommended).
  • Water cooling recommended.
  • No hammer action.
  • For drilling glass, bottles, porcelain, ceramics. Rotary only.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10507902IR GLASS & TILE 3MM5706915079029
10507903IR GLASS & TILE 4MM5706915079036
10507904IR GLASS & TILE 5MM5706915079043
10507905IR GLASS & TILE 6MM5706915079050
10507906IR GLASS & TILE 7MM5706915079067
10507907IR GLASS & TILE 8MM5706915079074
10507908IR GLASS & TILE 9MM5706915079081
10507909IR GLASS & TILE 10MM5706915079098
10507910IR GLASS & TILE 12MM5706915079104
10507911IR GLASS & TILE 13MM5706915079111