What is the proper way to use the reversible offfset dovetail saw? I know it is reversible and it has an offset. What side needs to be offset in relation to the side of the cut?

A very common application for the reversible offset dovetail saw is to cut off the bottom of door trim when putting down flooring such as tile, which is thick. Many people will remove base molding but not the door trim when putting down flooring. You should cut off the bottom of the door trim to slide the tile underneath the trim. The offset handle enables you to put the saw parallel to the floor to cut the trim. When cutting off the trim for tile, users will turn the tile upside down for the proper thickness and so they don't scratch the finished surface then cut the trim. It is reversible in case the door is close to a corner and the trim couldn't be cut. It also makes it easier for left and right hand persons.

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